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At HomyCasa, our team of experts are committed to bring you quality product at exceptional price. 


Lina Chen
Executive Buyer

Lina Chen, our esteemed Executive Buyer at Homy Casa, is an industry expert with an unerring eye for quality and a dynamic understanding of global home furniture trends. With her background in furniture marketing and design, Lina has a profound ability to navigate the international market to source high-quality, unique, and aesthetically pleasing products. Lina’s key strength lies in identifying and curating pieces that not only uplift our brand's unique identity but also cater to the diverse style preferences of our customers, thereby allowing them to create truly personalized spaces. Through her visionary leadership and strong supplier relationships, she continues to position Homy Casa at the forefront of the home furniture industry.


Rex Kuo
Operational Buyer

Rex Kuo, our skilled Operational Manager at Homy Casa, combines strategic insight and sharp analytical skills to expertly manage our product sourcing and procurement processes. With a proven success history in Supply Chain Management, Rex has mastered the art of ensuring that our product pipeline is consistently efficient, cost-effective, and responsive to our ever-evolving customer needs. His expertise extends to negotiating supplier contracts, ensuring timely delivery of products, and maintaining the optimal balance of inventory, all while adhering to our stringent quality standards. Rex’s meticulous attention to detail continue to bolster our reputation for delivering high-quality products on time, every time.